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Peri Elgrot

Top 10 Online Psychic Reading


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I had several awesome readings with California psychics. The dear psychics were so caring and honest. I appreciate that they give me a bit more clarity into my day. Readings are such a personal thing but my favorite psychics are Eve, Anasela, and Chloe. Thank you California Psychics!

Deltona, FL
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I was very skeptical of the ability to have a reading done over the phone. Right off the bat, the psychic said something to me in such detail – from description of an item, to physical details about a person who had passed to her name! The reading just continued from there and everything I was told was exact! She also spoke about what was to come and I’m seeing those predictions manifesting already. This made a believer out of me!

Saint Paul, MN
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I found them really helpful and much better than other online psychic services that I have tried. I would recommend Serenity as she really helped me out with my love issue. The site is easy to use and the customer service is excellent. Prices are not cheap but you get what you pay for. It’s worth it as an occasional luxury when you just don’t know who else to turn to for advice.

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